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Why Handmade Soaps?

We always hear people said, “You are what you eat.” One step further, “You are what you use.’ Majority of people will turn to bottled liquid soaps when they want to buy something to clean their hair, face and body. It is undeniable that the over-the-counter bottled liquid cleansers are very convenient. They claimed to have different functions: moisturising, pore-refining, exfoliating, you name it. They are also packaged nicely, sometimes with bright colours. However, you might not know the truth behind it.

Most bottled liquid cleansers contain harsh chemicals, synthetic lathering agent such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ( SLS ) which is linked to breast cancer and is a known hormone disrupter. Some also contain Dimethicone which creates silky after-use feeling. As you know, skin is the largest organ and numerous researches show that toxic chemicals can pass through the porous skin and go into our bloodstream. Using over-time, those toxic chemicals can be accumulated internally in our body and poses long term threat to our health.

Then you will ask,”If bottled liquid cleanser is harmful, why not use commercially made soaps?” There are in fact distinct differences between the commercially made soaps and handmade soaps.

Commercially made soaps are made with hot process so that soaps can be produced and used in a short period of time. Besides, glycerin ( a humectant that attracts moisture from the air to the skin ) which is produced naturally from the soap making process, is being extracted and sold separately to the skincare industry to make lotions and creams. This leaves the commercial soaps with only cleansing property. Furthermore, a lot of chemicals are being added to the commercial soaps: hardening agent to increase the durability; lathering agent to produce rich foam; PH stabilizer to balance the PH; preservatives also to increase durability. All these chemicals are harmful to our body.

On the other hand, handmade soaps are made by using different vegetable oils with cold process. It is due to this cold process that the nutrients and vitamins of the vegetable oils can be preserved. Moreover, good quality handmade soaps are scented with essential oils derived from plants and flowers which contain different skin-loving properties. Other natural ingredients can also be added such as clays, herbs, milk, eggs etc to produce different functions.

Glycerin, the by-product in the soap making process, is maintained completely in handmade soaps. It captures the moisture in the air and forms a protective layer on the skin. This is the secret of the nourishing property of handmade soaps.

Apart from being good to ourselves, handmade soaps are environmental friendly. The toxic chemicals in commercial liquid cleansers and soaps flow back to the rivers and ocean. They cannot be dissolved and will be accumulated in the water. Worst still, the polluted water will ultimately find their way back to our water system. On the other hand, residual of handmade soaps are bio-degradable and will be dissolved into water and carbon dioxide after 24 hours. As such, they pose zero burden and threat to our planet.

Handmade soaps can be tailor-made to suit different needs of different people. It can be done simply by varying the combination of vegetable oils and the addition of other natural ingredients.

The main reason why people refused to use soaps is because of the dry feeling they have after using commercial soaps. If this is exactly the reason why you turn away from soaps, I would strongly recommend you to use handmade soap and I can guarantee you will love it. While the beneficial effects might not be seen instantly, if used over time, the beneficial effect will be obvious and long lasting.

Why choose LHM?

So why LHM? At LHM, we use natural ingredients sourced from reputable overseas suppliers. We would not compromise quality in order to reduce manufacturing cost. We use high quality but affordable ingredients to make our products as we want to promote the use of natural skincare to the general public. Majority of our products are scented with essential oils. In some cases, organic ones are used if it stays on the skin. For example: lipbalm, cream, and lotion. Color are derived from natural herbs and clays with the exception of some festive products which calls for certain fragrance and colour. Take for an instance, Christmas themed soaps which are usually in typical bright red and green colour that cannot be achieved without using colouring pigments.

In all cases, we guarantee a high standard of quality, a strict standard of hygiene and a simple but nice packaging that is pleasant to your eyes.

Come and try out our products and you will love it.